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For Good Studios

Helping artists achieve economic empowerment through studio ownership, and re-envisioning  creative work spaces as a key component to the development of vibrant communities. One of the biggest challenges of a sustainable art practice is access to a work place that is stable, safe, affordable and inspiring. It’s the piece of the artistic business puzzle that often times feels like the biggest wild card. Because it is. Suitable studio space can be difficult, (if not impossible) to find, expensive, unsafe, and often dependent on the whims of volatile rental markets.

Imagine…mobile studio docking stations parked on private land, school property or non-developable city lots; pop-up studios that can easily travel to places in need of creative exploration or intervention; climate resistant art pods, art condos?

We will begin by building a small studio on wheels, designed with specific input from many many artists, incorporating elements of what they consider perfect studio space. We will be documenting the whole building process and offering up DIY Studio kits including building plans, materials lists, tools list and step-by-step instructions, so artists can easily build their own unit or have one built for them at an affordable price. At the same time, we will also be brainstorming with private land owners, city planners, and local schools about parking possibilities. We also hope to work with art schools to add or enhance the economic empowerment component of their curriculum.